Rack Control

The rack has two independent rack management sections, act as failover claster. It costs a money, but if we use only one mangement section, we have a single point of failure, because we lose control over all rack issued even by a small failure in management node, say, burnout of fuse link.

Rack management sections also contain both root Enternet and InfinBand switches, as described on the picture below


All nodes and switches are controlled via Management network. The network consists of:

Two independent two-layer Gigabit/10Gigabit Ethernet networks in the rack
Two Ethernet bottom layer switches per each computational section (pool) - 1 switch per each of independent networks
One top layer Ethernet switch per each management section
Every top-layer switch is connected to the bottom layer via 2 GbE link
Every top-layer switch has two 10-Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports to connect to the external Ethernet network
A total of 1 top-layer and 8 bottom-layer switches in each network
A total of four 10Gigabit Ethernet ports

Here is management network in more details. Note that all equipment (computational nodes, InfiniBand switches) have two independent management network paths:ManagementNetworking

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